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BBC Weather: 'Pipeline of moisture' to hammer UK with month's worth of rain THIS WEEKEND


There is going to be a lot of wet and blustery weather around this weekend for much of the UK, according to BBC meteorologist Ben Rich. The BBC Breakfast presenter noted that although it will be turning warmer across the country, there’ll also be some downpours as well. A month’s worth of rain over the weekend is expected to trigger some localised flooding in northern areas.

Mr Rich told viewers: “A real pipeline of moisture is ploughing across the Atlantic.

“That is destined for the northern half of the UK, particularly through today.

“There’ll be a bit of drizzly rain across the southeast first thing.

“In Northern Ireland and Scotland, there’ll be a scattering of showers.”

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He continued: “Over high ground here through this weekend, we could see a months worth of rain.

“Further south across England and Wales, it’s dry with clear spells through the night.

“Tomorrow the weather front will be ploughing in once again to Scotland.

“You’ll see over 150mm of rain over the northwest highlands.”

Mr Rich said: “Temperatures here will be at 14, 15, 16 degrees.

“Belfast can expect 17 degrees while England and Wales are looking at highs of 17 to 21 degrees.

“Through this evening and overnight, it will turn very wet indeed across Northern Ireland and Scotland.

“That rain will continue on through tonight and indeed into tomorrow.

“That moisture pipeline will really continue to hang around, turning the country wetter.”


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