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BBC Weather: UK faces glorious 30C HEATWAVE as hottest spell of the year still to come


BBC meteorologist Louise Lear announced a huge change in fortunes, with the UK’s current humidity and thundery downpours set to be replaced by hot weather. The presenter noted today will be “not bad at all” as most of the country will see a lot of dry weather in the forecast. This is because a little ridge of high pressure is nudging into many parts.

Ms Lear told BBC Breakfast viewers: “It’s not going to last for very long though, there’s some rain in the forecast, most of it arriving through the night.

“So for most today, it’s starting off dry and sunny.

“There’ll be a few scattered showers into the southwest.

“These are likely to drift their way up through the midlands, and maybe into parts of Yorkshire through the middle of the afternoon.”

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She continued: “They’ll be fairly isolated; if you catch one could be sharp.

“Also we’ll keep a little bit of low cloud, mist and murk across the northern isles.

“But for most of us, it will be dry, settled and sunny with temperatures peaking into the low 20s.

“Into the afternoon, the winds will strengthen and start to see some rain arriving into Northern Ireland.”

Ms Lear said: “It’s not going to stay like that throughout the day, but the winds will be more of a feature as we go into the second half of the weekend. We’ll see some rain steadily moving its way around about coffee time.

“Then we see a cluster of sunny spells and scattered, sharp showers for Scotland and Northern Ireland as we move through the day. England and Wales will see the best of the drier, brighter weather.

“Gusts of winds will be coming from a southwesterly direction, in excess of 30kmph.

As the wind starts to come from the south, temperatures will start to slowly climb, bringing back that summertime weather.

“In fact, it could be the warmest or hottest spell of weather that we’ve seen so far this year as temperatures are likely to peak into the low 30s.”


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