Beauty blogger Cassidy Valentine reveals her lip almost DROPPED OFF after botched filler treatment


A BEAUTY blogger has revealed she almost lost her lip after having a botched filler treatment.

Cassidy Valentine, 21, told Sky News she had the cosmetic treatment in the hope of feeling better about herself – but it led to her lip nearly “dying”.

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The clinic Cassidy contacted offered to do the procedure for free, but she refused as she didn’t want to influence other young girls on YouTube.

Cassidy started to have regrets during the treatment and saw her lips swell “profusely” after getting the injections – with the vlogger soon realising things had gone horribly wrong.

She immediately went back to the clinic but says they “brushed off” her concerns and advised her to take an antihistamine allergy tablet.

So she sent another clinic a video of her lips and they rushed her in as an emergency. Terrifyingly, they explained Cassidy’s lip was “dying”.

Beauty blogger Cassidy Valentine is warning of the dangers of fillers, admitting ‘I almost lost my lip’
sky news
Her lip had no pulse and was already ‘dying’ by the time she got help from a second clinic, after the original one dismissed her cries for help
sky news

Cassidy said: “They couldn’t find a pulse in my lip. My artery had been occluded and my lip was hours from falling off as it was dying.

“If I hadn’t contacted the second clinic, I would not have a top lip.”

She added: “It was really scary – they had to dissolve it all. Honestly, I did feel like it would make me feel better (about myself) but it didn’t. ”

Cassidy is now warning other women to be cautious and go to medically trained doctors, instead of beauticians.

And she advises people not to copy influencers who are promoting clinics, explaining they’re often doing so for free fillers.

Yesterday we revealed Superdrug is set to roll out its controversial Botox and lip fillers to more stores – despite experts warning of the dangers.



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