Beauty blogger hits out at vicious trolls who claim she looks ‘pregnant’ in bikini snap


A BEAUTY blogger has lashed out at fans after her bikini snap was flooded with comments from people asking if she’s pregnant.

Chloe Morello, 29, shared a beach snap from Cabo, Mexico, with her one million followers, where she rocked a string purple bikini and shades.

Chloe shared her beach snap with her 1.1 million Instagram followers

But people were quick to comment on the Australian’s figure – asking if she’s pregnant.

Her sun-soaked snap has racked up more than 1,500 comments on Instagram, with people congratulating her on her pregnancy as well as asking if she knows the gender of her baby.

One person said: “Are u pregnant?”

Another wrote: “I hope it’s a girl.”

The beauty blogger was flooded with comments from people asking if she’s pregnant

A third asked when the make-up guru “was due”, while somebody else questioned: “Are u preggers?”

Another commented: “Are you pregnant? Congrats.”

And this person simply asked: “Pregnant?”

Chloe’s post racked up more than 1,500 comments

Chloe, who has more than two million followers on YouTube, hit out at her haters.

Responding to the nasty comments, she said: “Clearly not? Wtf? It’s really, really rude and unacceptable to ask that to someone!

“Don’t do it again as it can really upset people for so many reasons.”

Chloe lashed out at her trolls after being inundated with questions about being pregnant

But as people continued to speculate, Chloe, who married Sebastian Mecha last year said: “What the f**k is with these comments?”

“This is really irritating.”

But others jumped to her defence, with one person saying: “People can be so mean utterly cruel.

But people also defended her, pointing out she has a normal figure

“She is looking beautiful. How can you say she is pregnant?”

While someone else commented: “It’s the lightning on the photo, the shadow on the lower abdomen.”

And others said that if Chloe looks like she’s pregnant, they must appear to be “expecting quadruplets”.

While this model was trolled for her ‘barely visible’ five-month baby bump.

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