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Bedbugs: Main signs to spot warning you may have an infestation according to expert

When asked how common bedbugs are in the UK, Mr Blackhurst answered: “The UK was virtually free of bed bugs many years ago, but infestations started to increase when demand for international travel rocketed in recent years.

“They are commonly brought unknowingly into the UK and spread by those who travel frequently.

Despite their name, bed bugs will quite happily exist outside the bedroom.

“They can travel on humans and survive in our luggage when travelling, as well as on sofas and most upholstery.

“The parasites are most commonly found in the bedroom because they are nocturnal and attracted to the warmth and carbon dioxide that sleeping humans generate.

“But the truth is that they can thrive in just about any crack and crevice, biding their time to emerge at night to feed.”

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