Benjamin Netanyahu's air of invincibility shattered by an unwelcome second Israeli election  


Now those plans will have to wait until after the election or may be scrapped altogether. He got a reminder of his circling legal woes earlier on Wednesday, when his wife agreed to pay to £12,000 to settle her own fraud case. 

It is still entirely possible, maybe even likely, that Mr Netanyahu will win the next election. No gambler ever got wealthy by betting against him. But he faces a number of potential head winds.  

Voters tend to punish the ruling party for dysfunction in government and Israelis who are frustrated at being dragged to the polls a second time may take it out on Mr Netanyahu’s Likud party. 

Because he did not expect to face voters again for several years, Mr Netanyahu has also been less than subtle about his ambitions to secure immunity for himself. That may mean the opposition’s allegation that he is vandalising Israeli democracy will stick in the coming election in a way they did not last time.  


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