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Beth Rigby silenced by Raab as she hits out at TWELVE metre rule


Viewers of the Government’s daily briefing couldn’t believe their ears when Sky News’ Beth Rigby questioned Dominic Raab over the “twelve-metre rule”.

The journalist had asked the Foreign Secretary about the likelihood of the current two-metre social distancing coronavirus advice being dropped.

However, her slip of the tongue did not go unnoticed online.

One Twitter user wrote: “Dullard Beth Rigby silenced as she introduces a ’12-metre’ COVID-19 rule. Rolling on the floor laughing Bless her.”

Another said: “Lol at Beth Rigby…what ‘12’ metre rule is that then? If you relaxed a little & stop straining so hard when you speak, you might articulate a little better!”

But another hit out at Raab and said: “Dominic Raab is a really horrible person talking down to people like he has done this briefing: ‘As I’m explaining to you , very clearly, step by step.

‘I think you meant the 2 metre rule and not the 12 metre rule.”

Many on Twitter, however, were worried about the lack of scientists with the Cabinet member on his own at the briefing for the first time.

One wrote on Twitter: “Dominic Raab is Billy-No-Mates at the #DailyBriefing without any scientists to back him up.”

While another worried tweeter added: “Raab is clearly trying to beat the record for the shortest briefing. Once again everything is under review, yawn. He regularly states we are learning from other countries. In that case publish our data against other countries. This briefing was an embarrassment, & no scientists!”

More to follow…


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