Bicycle lovers in the Netherlands to be hit with fine for using mobile phones while cycling


In a country that has more bikes than people and where cycling is seen as a human right, some people are about to have a nasty shock.

From Monday, anyone using a handheld mobile device while on the road in the Netherlands will be given a €95 (£85) fine.

The new rules for cyclists are part of a law to ensure road users watch the traffic rather than their cameras, tablets, and smartphones.

Vehicle and tram drivers risk a €240 fine, the penalty is €160 for motorbikes and scooters and powered wheelchair users are not exempt either.

“In the traffic, an accident is just around the corner and this is why it’s important for all road users – including cyclists – to keep their eyes and minds on the road and not on their telephone screen,” said transport minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, launching an awareness campaign on Friday.

“We often think that we can multi-task in traffic, but we really can’t,” she said. “I have a clear message for all cyclists: keep your phone, and your €95 in your pocket.”


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