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Biden says he’s ‘very proud’ of his family’ following Post exposé about Hunter

Democratic White House hopeful Joe Biden defended his family in a new podcast appearance, saying he is “very proud.”

President Trump bombarded Biden during Thursday’s debate with questions about the overseas business dealings of his son, Hunter, and what role the former vice president may have played in them despite previous assurances that he was uninvolved, as recently reported by The Post.

The elder Biden fired back in an episode of Pod Save America released on Saturday.

“I just think it’s crass,” said Biden, referring to the tactic of candidates slinging mud at each other’s families, adding that he made a “specific decision” not to go discuss Trump’s kids.

“Look, I’m running against Donald Trump, not his children,” he said. “The American people want to hear about their families, not about Trump’s family or my family … It’s just not how I was raised. It’s that basic.”

Biden went on to emphasize that he carries no shame over Hunter or the rest of his family.

“I’m very proud of my family,” he said.

Biden has dismissed the latest round of scrutiny over his son’s business dealings — and whether he was involved in them — as “a last-ditch effort in this desperate campaign to smear me and my family.”


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