Birmingham City Councils block emails from public if they contain any of 129 ‘offensive’ words


EMAILS from the public are being blocked by a local authority if they contain any of 129 words deemed offensive.

The likes of tosser, nympho, orgasm, Viagra, testicles, and b******s all appear on Birmingham City Council’s no-go list.

Labour councillor Nicky Brennan email block
Labour councillor Nicky Brennan has been a recent target of extreme online abuse

There are ten variations of the ‘F word’, along with 40 racist terms, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

But email senders have ridiculed the ban.

One message read: “Poor little snowflakes — frightened of a few words — should get out more and get a life.”

Another wrote: “I’ll send a letter next time, they can’t censor that.”

Labour councillor Nicky Brennan, a recent target of extreme online abuse, said: “I think there’s some words on there, like vagina, that I don’t think should be on there.

“Then things like slag, which is a slangy term, or bitch, aren’t on there, and maybe they should be.

“You’re just kind of there, and in the public eye, so it’s quite easy to abuse people,”she said.


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