Black Widow movie SET PHOTOS: Prequel or set in ALTERNATE timeline after Avengers Endgame?


Having debuted in Iron Man 2 almost 10 years ago, Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff gave her life at Vormir in Avengers Endgame, so that Hawkeye could obtain the Soul Stone. But despite her sacrificial death, Black Widow’s solo movie is currently shooting for an expected Summer 2020 release. Now that the first set photo from Norway have arrived, do they shed any light on if the solo outing is a prequel or set in an alternate timeline where Black Widow didn’t die – or even both? Well, the snaps from a small town near Sæbø show Johansson with Black Widow’s trademark red hair.

This suggests the film to be a prequel – at least in these scenes – especially as MCU Cosmic says the Norway set will double for Russia as Natasha’s childhood home.

Marvel fans will know she began life as a KGB agent before Hawkeye was sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. to assassinate her.

However, Clint disobeyed this order, recognising her skills and suggested she be recruited, which she does after defecting.

The pair went on to have missions together in Budapest and Abidjan before the Avengers teamed up.

So while it’ll be fun to see Black Widow’s past, perhaps an alternate future for her will also be laid out.

This also fits in with plans to explore the multiverse in the MCU going forwards.

Just as was teased by Mysterio in the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer.

Black Widow will most likely be released in Summer 2020.


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