Bloke filmed getting clattered by block of cheese while watching bonkers tournament


Last weekend, crowds of people descended upon Cooper’s Hill, Brockworth, to watch the annual cheese roll which sees people fling themselves down the steep hill to try and catch the food item.

The dangerous event often claims injuries and this year was no different, with one competitor walking away with a suspected broken ankle.

But it is not only the participants that are at risk of harm.

In one clip, one unlucky spectator was filmed being walloped in the face with the dairy delight.

After plummeting down the hill, the cheese began to bounce towards a crowd of attendees.

Though metal fencing was placed in front of the people, the wheel managed to slip through a small gap and plant a videographer in the face.

Moments before the incident happened, the event organiser can be heard saying: “Watch the cheese, watch out, watch out.”

The man appears to fall down after the blow as his glasses fly off his face.

Moments later, one of the participants catches the cheese and wins the competition.

Video screengrabs

CLATTERED: The man was hit in the face with the wheel of cheese (Pic: GLOUCESTERSHIRE LIVE)

Someone asks: “Where’s the cheese?”

To which someone replies: “In that guys face.”

The victim, who wishes to remain nameless, was seen wiping his face moments after.

The wheel hit the fence with such force that the man was left with a black eye from where the camera lens had hit him and a split lip.


MENTAL: The contest is held on a steep hill (Pic: GETTY)

He was covering the event as a freelance photographer and was no stranger to the brutal run having attended it a number of times as a child.

He said: “The organiser said to us: ‘You’re right at the front, you’re right in the firing line’.

“I was like yeah whatever and maybe I was a little bit too cocky and then the cheese hit the fence and then the fence hit me.”


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