Blunt: Senate Panel Still Investigating Question of Collusion


Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., on Sunday backed away from an assertion by the Intelligence Committee head that there’s no evidence of collusion found between the Trump campaign and Russia.

In an interview with CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” Blunt said the panel is still investigating.

“Chairman [Sen. Richard] Burr[R-N.C.],  said two or three weeks ago that we have so far found no evidence of collusion and you can see everybody backpedaling now, House and Senate, both on the idea that collusion is going to be in the report,” he said.

“They want to come up with lots of other things that I think are going to be much more arguable than a pure finding of collusion would have been…”

He said the panel’s work is not yet done.

“We are still [investigating],” he maintained. “We’d like to have frankly a little more access to the [special counsel Robert] Mueller investigation before we come to a final conclusion. His report will help us write our final report.”

Blunt also said he thinks President Donald Trump is “likely within the law that Congress passed” in 1974 to declare a national emergency, but called the president’s use for border security funding was “an unfortunate decision.”

“I think there is a likelihood that he is within the law that Congress passed,” he added. “I think we’re gonna have to evaluate whether this is really the intention of an emergency.”

According to Blunt, “this will be decided in the courts,” and predicted it would be “a significant court decision.”

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