Boeing has so many grounded 737 Max planes they're taking over the employee parking lot


Workers stand near Boeing 737 MAX airplanes as they sit parked at a Boeing facility adjacent to King County International Airport, known as Boeing Field, on May 31, 2019 in Seattle, Washington.

David Ryder | Getty Images

We’ve all had our parking lot space taken — maybe the person who took it even double parked — but chances are it wasn’t by a 90,000-pound jet.

That’s the problem Boeing employees at the company’s Renton, Wash. factory are dealing with as the aircraft manufacturer tries to figure out where to put 100 of its grounded 737 Max planes.

Aerial footage from Seattle’s King 5 news shows dozens of planes cozying up next to Toyota Priuses and SUVs in an employee parking lot as Boeing works to get them back in the air.

Some of the planes are factory fresh, not able to be delivered to their destinations since the Federal Aviation Administration grounded the 737 Max jets in mid-March following two deadly crashes of the popular aircraft over five months.

While the company works to get the planes re-certified by the FAA, the parked planes have found a fan base on Twitter and Instagram where photos showcase the massive scale of the planes and the grounding.

Boeing didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. There is still no clear date for when the 737 Max will return to the skies. Many carriers have removed them from their flight schedules through September and into October.


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