Border Expert, Novelist Winslow: Trump's Feet 'Stuck in Cement of Fantasy'


Most of the drugs entering the United States are coming through the ports of entry, not across the border, and President Donald Trump has his “feet stuck in the cement of fantasy” with his insistence a border wall will keep drugs out, border expert Don Winslow said Tuesday.

“He knows the facts,” Winslow, whose new book “The Border: The Novel” is out today, told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“He knows the facts,” Winslow said. “The DEA has told us this. If you read the last five years of their report, it says it. The cartels have told us this lately in the (Joaquin “El Chapo”) Guzman trial. Major traffickers on the stand said it comes through these open gates, so President Trump knows this.”

However, his refusal to acknowledge the problem means he’s showing “willful ignorance,” said Winslow.

“I think he’s just stuck his feet into his campaign promises and he’s sticking it out,” he added. “I guarantee you, this wall will do nothing to stop the flow of drugs. In fact, it will help the flow of drugs. It’s going to drive more migrants into the hands of cartels, who are getting into the human smuggling business.”

Winslow said that 90 percent of the illicit drugs that come in are arriving through ports of entry, while a wall will force the mules bringing drugs through the hills to be transported by the cartels through the ports of entry.

“They’ll pay a tax to the cartels of something like 5-7 percent of the value of the product of that heroin, that cocaine, that methamphetamine, and that will feed the cartel’s profits,” said Winslow.

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