Boris Johnson boasts he could beat Jeremy Hunt in a MUD WRESTLING fight


BORIS Johnson has bet he could beat Jeremy Hunt in a mud wrestling fight.

In a hilarious intervention today the Tory frontrunner boasted he would definitely come out of such a fight with his head held high.

Boris Johnson today bet he would beat Jeremy Hunt in a mud wrestling match
And he said his Cabinet would all have to promise to leave before October 31
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Boris was asked whether he felt “compelled to challenge him to a nude mud wrestling contest”.

And he told ConservativeHome today: “I would defeat anybody in such a contest, were i obliged to do so, but that’s not how I propose to win this”.

He quickly changed the subject and added: “This is about coming out of the EU on 31st October.

“It’s about uniting the country.

“It’s about re-energising Conservatives with an exciting vision for our party and our country.”

Boris also used the interview to laugh off suggestions that he used to refer to ex-Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith as Iain Dunkin’ Donuts.

He replied: “Did I? I don’t think that showed particular respect for the great man.

“I think I can say that to his face and I would be all right. Iain is a friend.”

He went on to lavish praise on the Tory MP for his “social justice” agenda and what he’s done campaigning for “the interests of the poor and the needy in society”.

The favourite to become Britain’s next PM said today he would make everyone in his Cabinet pledge to leave the EU before October 31, no matter what, or they’d be sacked.

Hunt on the campaign trail today in the Isle of Wight
UK News in Pictures
A protest outside Boris’ office today where activists accused him of ‘ducking’ scrutiny
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A fresh poll of Tories this morning showed Boris is on for a landslide win.

He’s got he support of 65 per cent of members, compared to Hunt who has 30 per cent.

Last night Boris said the chances of leaving without a deal were “a million to one” but he was still committed to it if it’s the only way to deliver Brexit.

It comes as a fresh poll of voters showed that the majority of Brits want Brexit to happen – more than at the time of the EU referendum in 2016.


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