Boris Johnson roadmap document: The FULL breakdown of the lockdown restriction dates

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Boris Johnson’s long-awaited roadmap for the easing of coronavirus lockdown rules in England was shared with MPs in the House of Commons on Monday afternoon ahead of a press conference where he will relay these details to the nation. The lifting of lockdown restrictions will be a gradual process, spread over at least four months with social distancing rules and guidance to work from home remaining in the near future, Mr Johnson said. So what does it involve? has all the latest news on the lifting of lockdown.

The roadmap – which will involve four separate stages of reopening – was approved and signed off by key Cabinet ministers on Sunday and was put to the Commons on Monday afternoon.

The document outlines four stages for reopening of sectors of English society during March, April, May and June.

Four key tests will need to be done before the country can advance to the next stage in the roadmap.

These tests will include:

  • Proof the coronavirus vaccine roll-out is progressing as planned
  • The vaccines are shown to bring down deaths and hospitalisations
  • Cases are not rising so high that hospitals become overloaded
  • No new variants have changed the risk assessment.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Our priority has always been getting children back into school which we know is crucial for their education as well as their mental and physical wellbeing, and we will also be prioritising ways for people to reunite with loved ones safely.”

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– Non-essential retail can re-open

– Hairdressers and nail salons can re-open

– Gyms and swimming pools can re-open

– Table service allowed at beer gardens and outdoor seating at restaurants for groups of up to six or two households

– Campsite and self-catering holiday lets can re-open

– Weddings and wakes allowed to have 15 guests


– Rule of six lifted for outdoors, with gatherings of up to 30 allowed

– Indoor mixing allowed for up to six people or two households

– Cinemas, indoor restaurants, hotels can reopen

– Up to 1,000 allowed at indoor sports venues and performances

– Up to 4,000 allowed at outdoor sports venues, rising to 10,000 at very large venues (such as Wembley Stadium)

– Weddings and wakes allowed to have 30 guests


– All legal limits on social contact to end

– Nightclubs can reopen

– No restrictions on performances or sports venues

– Removal of all guest limits for weddings and wakes

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