Boris Johnson’s neighbours ‘in hiding’ after recording Tory hopeful’s row with girlfriend


“Everybody’s got an issue with what Tom’s done”

Wayne Moseley

Tom Penn and his partner Eve Leigh have not been spotted in several days at their South London home since they called police to Mr Johnson’s flat. 

BoJo, 55, and Carrie’s fiery argument is understood to have started over a red wine stain that led Miss Symonds, 31, to shout “get out of my flat”.

After officers arrived they said there was no evidence of any wrongdoing and were satisfied with their investigation. 

But, it was discovered the explosive exchange was recorded by Mr Penn and Miss Leigh who later sent it to The Guardian newspaper.

Two neighbours reportedly haven’t seen Boris’s neighbours since the row was recorded on Friday. 

Resident Wayne Moseley, 47, claimed the pair hadn’t moved out, despite sparking anger among their neighbours. 

He told The Sun: “Everybody’s got an issue with what Tom’s done – the community, from what I’ve heard, don’t mind Boris or his girlfriend coming back. 

“He could be living in some gated community but he’s chosen to stay here.”

Mr Penn, 29, said on Saturday he called the police and that his “sole concern was the welfare and safety of my neighbours”. 

BoJo has been slammed for not explaining why police were called to his flat and what his argument with Carrie was over. 

In a painful grilling during a live leadership hosting broadcast on Sky News, Mr Johnson attempted to brush off questions from moderator Iain Dale. 

He told Dale and the audience: “I don’t think they want to hear about that kind of thing.” 

Members of the audience applauded BoJo’s answer. 


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