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Boris's COVID nightmare: PM forced to admit UK does NOT have coronavirus testing capacity


Boris Johnson was questioned on whether the UK has enough testing available after tests were not available for people with coronavirus symptoms in some of England’s worst affected areas on Wednesday. Speaking to the Liason Committee, Mr Johnson said: “The short answer is no we don’t. We don’t have enough testing capacity now because in an ideal world I would like to test absolutely everybody who wants a test immediately.”

He promised that there would be capacity for 500,000 tests a day by the end of October.

But he urged people without symptoms to stay away from testing centres – although he acknowledged the reasons why they may want to find out if they had Covid-19.

He continued: “What has happened is demand has massively accelerated just in the last couple of weeks.

“Many people are seeking to get a test in the hope that they can thereby be released to get on with their lives in the normal way – people who have come into contact with someone who has tested positive, for instance, they are seeking to get a test to ensure that they are OK to go to work.”

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“That is perfectly reasonable, and I understand why people are doing that, but the advice and the guidance is that people should seek a test not in those circumstances but when they have symptoms.”

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