Boy, 2, left bloodied and ‘crying in agony’ after wearing new Sainsbury’s £6 jelly sandals ‘for just 10 minutes’


A TODDLER was left screaming in agony after wearing a pair of Sainsbury’s jelly shoes for ten minutes.

Holly Marie Wright checked her son’s feet after he started crying, only to see blood pouring from his ankle.

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As she and Kaiden, two, walked from the shop he began screaming in pain[/caption]

She said that when she went to check his foot, they were covered in blood

Kaiden, two, started shouting “I’m hurt, I’m hurt” as the pair walked from the supermarket’s Maypole branch during the heatwave last week.

The 21-year-old said that when she removed her son’s shoes there were ‘strap-shaped’ cuts on his feet.

Speaking to Birmingham Live she said: “I checked him and there was blood on my hand. When we got home blood was dripping onto the carpet.

“I took the shoes off and the strap was coated in blood and there were strap-shaped cuts on his feet.

“He was in agony, his feet were swollen and the straps dug into his feet. His feet are still swollen now and he will have scars, I’m fuming.”

Holly was furious that shoes made for children allegedly made such damage, she added that she had bought them so Kaiden’s feet could cool down in the 38C heat.

She wrote on Facebook: “It’s only on the way back he started screaming and crying and refusing to walk on his feet and then I saw all the blood. He was in so much pain.”

When we got home blood was dripping onto the carpet.

Holly Marie Wright

She said that Kaiden, who has autism, cried every time the sandals are near him.

He panicked because he said the blood and didn’t understand where it came from.

She contacted the store but claims she didn’t get the reaction she expected, she said: “I rang the complaints centre and they said they will log it and see if they get anymore of the same complaints…  are they serious?”

Her post caused a mixed reaction, with some sympathising with her but others pointing the finger at her.

Rachel Harper said: “Unfortunately this is what happens with jelly shoes not worn with socks, especially in this heat… they should come with a warning.”

She posted an update on her Facebook page to say: “I just have to say thank you for the high levels of support me and Kaiden have been receiving regarding all the news articles word is spreading fast!

“This is great news and we are actually making progress to have jelly shoes reviewed to be 100% safe for children’s feet so this doesn’t happen again.”

Sam Watts wrote: “Wanted to let you know that this happened to our son after wearing the shoes for less than 10 mins! We thought it was a one off or maybe a bad fit…I’m quite cross reading that we were not the only ones!”

Wayne Aylmer said: “This is clearly a case of the parent putting them on too tight and finding someone else to blame.”

Sainsbury’s have reached out to offer the family a “gesture of goodwill”.

A spokesperson for their Tu clothing line told Birmingham Live: “We’re arranging for a gesture of goodwill for Holly so that Kaiden can try some alternative summer styles.”

They added that the jelly shoes in question have proved popular with shoppers and no other similar complaints had been received.

Holly received a mixed response after posting about her son’s feet on Facebook with some saying that she should have put socks on him first

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