Boy, 8, youngest person in the world to be fitted with bionic arm


And Freddie Cook celebrated the amazing news by eating a hamburger with two hands for the first time at his birthday party. 

Young Freddie received the “hero arm” two days before turning eight, after years with a basic prosthetic hand. 

The new limb is the first medically approved prosthesis of its kind in Britain.

Freddie, who was born with a stunted right hand and had started to become self-conscious, is happily using the arm to grip the handlebars of his scooter. 

Cheeky Freddie even told his school friends that it had special lasers attached. 

Mum Suzy said: “This will change his life. He really wanted to be able to eat a burger like his friends.” 

Freddie, from Bracknell, Berks, was fitted with the £10,000 “multi-grip bionic arm”, paid for by his family, by tech firm Open Bionics of Bristol.


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