Brave mum reveals how she fought off 15st wrestler ex as he laughed while trying to rape her


A BRAVE mum has revealed how she managed to fight off her 15st wrestler ex-boyfriend as he laughed while trying to rape her.

Chrissie Hedley was attacked by John-Paul McCann, 32, after he broke into her home in Carlisle and launched into a terrifying 30 minute horror ordeal.

Chrissie Hedley
Chrissie Hedley with ex-boyfriend John-Paul McCann who tried to rape her after they broke up
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The 27-year-old pleaded with her hulking ex to leave her alone as he punched and kicked her and only managed to escape when he got spooked by her phone ringing.

Describing the terrifying attack, she told The Sun Online: “He told me: ‘If you can have sex with other men, then so can I one last time.’

“I fought him desperately as I realised what he was going to do.

“I begged him to leave me alone but he pulled my trousers down and tried to rape me.

“He groped me with his fingers and tried to force himself on me.

“I felt sick and struggled as hard as I could, hitting him in the face.

“Then he threw me onto the sofa where he punched me in the head and kicked me in the sides. It was relentless.”

John-Paul McCann
John-Paul McCann has been jailed for 16 years after attacking his ex-girlfriend Chrissie
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John-Paul McCann
John-Paul McCann has been locked up for 16 years for attacking his ex
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Chrissie met “gorgeous” tattooed amateur wrestler McCann in August 2014 on a night out and was thrilled when he boosted her confidence by helping her lose three stone.

The pair got engaged and had matching skull tattoos done instead of exchanging rings.

But after they moved in together, McCann’s behaviour changed and he began to control Chrissie’s life.

She said: “One night we were going out and I had dolled myself up.

“When John-Paul saw me, he poured a bottle of water over my head telling me that there was no way he’d let me out looking like that.

“I was so shocked, and scared I didn’t say anything.

“Within a year, he’d stopped me seeing my friends and family. He even called me other girl’s names during sex.

“Afterwards he acted like it never happened. I felt like I was going crazy, it was horrendous.

“I became a shell of my former self but I couldn’t leave him. John-Paul had me under his spell.”

Chrissie Hedley
Brave Chrissie has spoken out about how she managed to fight off her wrestler ex-boyfriend when he tried to rape her
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In December 2015, McCann flew into a jealous rage when he saw Chrissie texting and smashed a wine glass into her chin.

As blood gushed from her face, the brute apologised but Chrissie kicked him out of the house and blocked his number when he desperately tried to win her back.

But three months later, Chrissie was sat with her younger sister in a bar when the thug approached her and called her a “slag”.

She managed to get him booted out but terrified he would follow her, Chrissie made her way to her dad’s home instead to spend the night.

When she arrived home the next day, Chrissie was horrified to find her back door had been smashed – with McCann waiting for her on the sofa.

Chrissie Hedley
Chrissie Hedley and John-Paul McCann when they were together
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john-paul mccann
John-Paul McCann after his arrest
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The yob grabbed his ex by the hair and said he “owned” her before punching her in the face. He then ripped off her underwear and laughed as he attempted to rape her.

Chrissie said: “I was lucky to escape the attack, I was terrified for my life.”

Brazen McCann even sent Chrissie a letter begging for forgiveness while awaiting trial but she ignored it as she knew he was trying to “control me for one last time”.

In September 2016, McCann was convicted of assault by beating, two counts of attempted rape and sexual assault by penetration at Carlisle Crown Court.

He was caged for 16 years with an extended licence of six years and slapped with a lifelong restraining order and made to sign the sex offenders register.

Brave Chrissie is now trying to move on with her life but admits she sometimes struggles.

She said: “I was over the moon that he was jailed for so long.

“But the attack has completely changed me.

“I used to be outgoing and bubbly, now I have anxiety and I struggle to trust people.

“One day, I’ll get my tattoo covered up.

“I lost my self-worth but I’ve realised that I’m a survivor.”


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