BREAKING: Chernobyl-style evacuation after Russian nuclear missile test explosion


A massive spike in radiation has seen residents being “advised to leave” the village of Nyonoksa, near the explosion site. 

A train has been organised to remove people tomorrow at 4am local time. 

Russia’s state weather service said radiation levels spiked in the Russian city of Severodvinsk by up to 16 times last Thursday after a nuclear reactor explosion during a rocket engine test on a sea platform.

Authorities in Severodvinsk said: “We have received a notification…about the planned activities of the military authorities.

“In this regard, residents of Nyonoksa were asked to leave the territory of the village from Aug. 14.”

breaking Chernobyl evacuation Russian nuclear missile test explosion

EVACUATION: A massive spike in radiation has seen residents being ‘advised to leave’ (Pic: Getty – stock)

The disastrous Russian missile test that killed five scientists involved a nuclear reactor, officials have since revealed.

Thousands of people have attended the burials of five Russian nuclear engineers killed by an explosion during tests of a new rocket.

The engineers, who died on Thursday, were laid to rest on Monday in the city of Sarov that hosts Russia’s main nuclear weapons research centre.

THREAT: Sources previously claimed it could have been a Zircon hypersonic weapon (Pic: YouTube)

The defence ministry initially said the explosion at the navy’s testing range in Nyonoksa in the northwestern Arkhangelsk region killed two people and injured a further six, but the state-controlled Rosatom nuclear concern acknowledged later that the blast also killed five of its workers and injured three others.

Rosatom said the explosion occurred while the engineers were testing “a nuclear isotope power source” for a rocket.

Local authorities in nearby Severodvinsk reported a brief spike in radiation levels after the explosion.

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