BREAKING: Gatwick Airport flights diverted after drone spotted in 'near miss'


Passengers on journeys from Barcelona and Amsterdam into London have been affected.

Pilots told those onboard that a drone was in “close proximity” to their plane.

One passenger said their plane landed at Stansted first but the plane later turned around and flew to Gatwick.

Another holidaymaker said their flight was delayed by 20 minutes amid reports of a drone.

Gatwick Airport has yet to issue a statement on the latest reports.

It comes after Gatwick Airport was shutdown for days over Christmas after a drone was repeatedly spotted over the airfield in West Sussex.

One passenger said: “Just landed at Gatwick on a flight which was held in a holding pattern for 20mins because – the Pilot said – the runway was temporarily closed because of a drone.”

Another added: “They said we’ve been diverted because of a drone at Gatwick.”

“So apparently there’s another drone at Gatwick — my plane has been diverted to Stansted,” another said.

And a family member on the ground said: “My son is currently stuck on your flight from Schiphol which has diverted to Stansted due to drones at Gatwick.

“No one allowed to leave the plane, all onboard pretty fed up.”

Sussex Police continue to hunt the yobs who caused around 1,000 flights to be cancelled or diverted just before Christmas. 

Approximately 140,000 passengers were affected int he chaos that brough Britain’s second busiest airport to a total standstill. 

Cops admitted there was a chance there was no drone at all, or that repeated sightings may have been of their own drones.

British Army specialists had to be drafted in amid the unprecedented chaos, which raised fears of the security of the UK’s airports. 

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