BREAKING: Major airline cancels ALL flights to Europe over India-Pakistan crisis


Hundreds of Brits are stranded in Thailand after the airline chose to cancel flights rather than fly over the conflict zone.

Flight Radar data shows Pakistan airspace is almost entirely devoid of aircraft – a massive contrast to a month before when the country’s skies were busy with commercial flights.

Thai Airways’ 13-hour route to Europe goes straight across India and passes through Pakistan – putting it at risk amid the conflict in the countries.

The next scheduled flight to London was due to leave just after midnight tonight at 00:15 but officials now say it will be rescheduled.

Flights to Frankfurt, Paris, Oslo, Milan, Zurich and Copenhagen have also been cancelled.

Brit backpacker Nicolle Paisley, who was on a flight which then turned back earlier today, said she was left stuck between arrivals and immigration.

She said: “We’ve been back for hours now, no food or water. No information on our rescheduled flight. Not good enough at all.

“The staff aren’t doing much to help. I’m already at the airport. They’ve told us to stay in line. They can’t help as they don’t have the answers either. We just want to know when our flight is.”

Thai Airways President Sumeth Damrongchaitham said an urgent meeting had been called to reschedule flights to Europe.

He said: “The conflict situation between Pakistan and India has affected Thai Airways flights. Flights also had to turn back to Bangkok, including the London and Frankfurt flights.

“By closing the airspace, every flight from Thailand to Europe has been affected. For flights that are going to depart this evening will call an urgent meeting to consider the impact of such events.”

Thai Airways has 13 routes to Europe including the UK, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, France, Russia, Germany (Frankfurt and Munich), Switzerland, Sweden, Italy (Rome), Italy (Milan) and Austria.

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