BREAKING: Monster tornado tears through US destroying houses in 'mass casualty incident'


The “large and dangerous” weather system ploughed its way across western Ohio causing widespread damage and injuries.

Pictures show the monstrous funnel looming over the city of Trotwood.

Snow plows have had be deployed to clear the debris from the roads after the devastation.

The National Weather Service described the tornado as “extremely dangerous”.

It warned residents to remain in their shelters as the tornado tore through the heavily populated area.

NWS officials said: “This is a life threatening situation.”

Reportedly emergency services have declared a “mass casualty incident” in the area.


Trees have been snapped in two, power lines brough down, cars smashed and debris sent showering after it was lifted thousands of feet into the air. 

The most severe damage was reported in the Dayton metro area and Celina, about 60 miles north-west of Dayton.

Dozens of people are believed to be injured, and police are now going door-to-door to check on residents.

Houses were reportedly flattened and others cut clean in half by the monstrous twister.


The steeple of the New Life Worship Center in Dayton was ripped off by the tornado along with part of the roof.

About 25 people, including children, were reported to be hiding in the church for shelter at the time.


Weather forecasters have also reported severe, tornado-producing thunderstorms striking the same areas of Ohio.

The weather service issued several tornado warnings for cities in the area.

Multiple warnings were still in place after midnight, including for Cedarville, Wilberforce and Jamestown. 

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