BREAKING: Police officer ‘mowed down by car thief’ in Birmingham – cop rushed to hospital


A COP has been rushed to hospital with serious injuries after he was run over by a suspected car thief.


The West Midlands Police officer was mowed down in one of Birmingham’s busiest streets this afternoon.

Witnesses reported seeing a BMW speeding through the area before the driver stopped and fled on foot.

A major police search then got underway as the police officer was taken to hospital with head injuries.

Police have now said a man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.


In a statement on Twitter the force said: “One of our police officers has been seriously injured after being run over by a suspected car thief in Birmingham.

“He’s being treated in hospital for head and pelvic injuries.

“A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.”

The incident happened in the busy area of Ladypool Road in Sparkbrook.


Ann Hamilton, a witness who lives nearby, told Birmingham Live: “I saw the BMW speeding round Woodstock Road and he stopped in the middle of the road and legged it down the road.

“There were loads of police cars and they were searching for the man.

“This road is getting terrible.”

Another witness said: “I was brushing outside and I heard a helicopter in the sky.


“I saw one or two police cars coming down the road and there was a black BMW which just stopped.

“A guy in an orange tracksuit just ran out of the car and ran down the road. The police car was behind.

“After a few minutes, there were armed police on the scene.

“It’s not everyday that it happens here.”


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