BREAKING: Poundland to sell products for less than £1 – shock Brit high street move


The discount retailer is to pilot permanent sub-£1 ranges in its stores, and will also test out a number of new price ranges over £1.

Poundland said the move is the latest stage in its transformation from a “single price retailer”, which it says will allow it to cover more items demanded by customers.

The retailer said it has previously sold occasional “Manager’s Special” items for 50p, but the pilot will offer the first dedicated ranges under £1.

Barry Williams, managing director of Poundland, said: “We promise customers amazing value and we are committed to fulfilling that promise on the widest range of items.

“While three quarters of the products we offer will still be £1, it’s important we look to broaden our ranges elsewhere, whether above or below £1.

“Our customers are among the savviest in the country. We know that and it’s why we’re moving at the pace they dictate to become the simple price retailer they want us to be.”

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