BREAKING: Two buildings collapse as explosion rips through Vienna city centre


TWO buildings have crumbled after a massive explosion rocked Vienna city centre.

Vienna explosion

BLAST: The entire area has been left covered in dust and rubble (Pic: @oaaol)

The blast – believed to be caused by a gas explosion – tore through the fourth district of the Austrian capital today.

Several people were hurt although the extent of their injuries is unclear at this stage, the fire brigade confirmed.

Cops sai the blast happened at the Pressgasse and Schäffergasse streets shortly after 4.30pm local time.

Multiple floors of two buildings have been completely destroyed.

Vienna explosion

INJURED: Several people were reportedly hurt in the blast (Pic: @oaaol)

Vienna blast

EMERGENCY: Firefighters have been searching through the wreckage for injured people (Pic: @oaaol)

A fire spokesman also said the blast was so powerful it left a huge crater in front of the buildings.

Emergency services are on the scene, with firefighters searching the buildings for anyone injured.

Neighbouring properties have also been evacuated.

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