Home News Brexit betrayal: Nigel Farage's stark 'Michel Barnier has won' warning exposed

Brexit betrayal: Nigel Farage's stark 'Michel Barnier has won' warning exposed


The leader of the Brexit Party and prominent eurosceptic was critical of Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he secured a withdrawal agreement that was “95 percent exactly the same as that put before the Commons by Theresa May”. Mrs May’s deal was as divisive as it was unpopular but Mr Johnson managed to get his deal through Parliament with minor changes. Most notable of these was the customs border down the Irish Sea, meaning Northern Ireland remained in a customs agreement with the EU.



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The deal may have been enough for the Prime Minister to win an 80-seat majority in December’s election, but Mr Farage was far from impressed.

At a Brexit Party rally in October 2019, the former Ukip leader said of Michel Barnier “I wish we could employ him”.

He added: “He’s been a damn sight better than our negotiators have been over the course of the last few years.”

This surprising comment came after Mr Farage had been a critic of Mr Barnier.

Earlier in October 2019, he accused Mr Barnier of not acting in good faith and of putting obstacles in the way of the UK.

But at the rally of Brexit Party supporters alongside the DUP’s Ian Paisley, he appeared to change his tune as he called Mr Johnson’s deal a “reheated” version of Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement.

Mr Farage added: “This deal, if it is to pass, will not get Brexit done. All we’ve done is end the first phase of the negotiations.

“In fact in the last three and a half years we’ve just done the easy bit, because we’ll move on to a long agonising negotiation in which Brussels will hold all of the cards.

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“He is overriding the Benn Act. The EU shows itself to be a thuggocracy – power without accountability. Appalling people.”

Now many are calling for an extension to the transition period, arguing that the coronavirus crisis and its economic impact means the UK needs more time to negotiate with the EU.

If Mr Johnson wants to do this, he has until the end of June to inform Brussels.

However, the Government has reiterated there will be no extension, and on Friday, the EU publicly accepted that UK “no” as definitive.


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