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Brexit prediction: EU to BACK DOWN in trade deal row as Boris applies brutal pressure move


Author and economist Catherine McBridge argued the UK was forcing the EU to concentrate in the last few months of the Brexit trade deal talks. While speaking to Jonathan Saxty on Brexit Watch, Ms McBridge praised Boris Johnson for saying the UK would be preparing for a no deal if progress wasn’t made by mid-October. She insisted the EU had grown complacent due to former Prime Minister Theresa May and were now being forced to realise the confidence in the current Brexit negotiating team.

Ms McBride said: “I think it is fantastic and I am cheering the Government on.

“I think the UK Government should have given the EU a hard deadline three months ago but I am glad they have finally done it.

“This is the only way you get the EU to concentrate.”

Ms McBride argued that the EU had grown used to dealing with Theresa May and expected the UK to cave quickly to their demands.

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She said: “The EU got used to Theresa May’s completely useless Government and unbelievably inept negotiating style.

“The EU has expected the UK to just fold and I have no idea why.”

The economist also reflected on the current trade trends between the UK and the EU and how important the relationship was.

She said: “It is phenomenal how much more the EU sells the UK sells to the EU.

“They have a very strange way of negotiating.

“The idea that you can leave but you still must follow all of our laws, especially on state aid, is incredible.

“In many respects, I think that the UK has better laws than they do, we have stricter laws.”


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