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Brexit row erupts in EU Parliament as French MEP begs for access to UK fishing waters


EU members have issued demands for continued access to the UK’s fishing waters post-Brexit. The requirement formed a major part of the EU’s initial trade deal proposals, and has been the source of rows between Michel Barnier and David Frost. French MEP François-Xavier Bellamy stresses the “major social and economic importance” of European access at the EU Parliament.

He said: “This is such a fundamental principle that Mr Barnier pushes with such force during negotiations.

“There can be no agreement with the UK if we do not also have a balanced, sustainable, long-term agreement on fisheries.

“An agreement whereby we have access to waters and resources reciprocaly between the partners.

“This is of major social and economic importance, thousands of jobs are at stake.”

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Mr Bellamy continued: “The communities that live from fisheries will become very vulnerable if there’s no agreement.

“Environmentally, too, this is a challenge.

“The Common Fisheries Policy has made it possible for years to have fisheries that respect biodiversity.

“We have to respect those common rules.”

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