Brian Clough once so drunk he asked opposition to drench him with ice water


And he begged rivals to drench him with ice water before kick-off in a bid to sober up. 

Trevor Francis was getting his Sheffield Wednesday team ready to face Clough’s Nottingham Forest in 1992 when his old boss arrived “the worse for drink”. 

Trevor, below, said: “One of our apprentices knocked on my door and said that Mr Clough had asked for two buckets of water. I told him if he’d asked for them to take them in. A couple of minutes later the same apprentice knocked on my door saying Mr Clough had asked the apprentice to pour the buckets of water over his head.

“I told him if he’d asked for that then do it.” 

Then, when the ref blew for a foul with 20 minutes to play, Clough thought it was the final whistle, Francis revealed. 

In his new book, One In A Million, Francis, who was British football’s first £1million signing under Clough, revealed: “I said, ‘Boss, the game hasn’t finished yet!’.” 

“That was Brian Clough’s last season at Forest,” he added. 


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