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Brian May believes COVID-19 may have sparked heart attack horror 'Coronavirus is scary!'

Queen legend Brian May, 73, is still recovering at home after suffering from a “small” heart attack he had back in May. The rockstar has now said he believes the attack may have been brought on by coronavirus, before it became known as a pandemic. Brian has since tested negative for coronavirus, but believes he may have had the deadly virus back in January.

With the test being so long after he believes he was infected, it was unlikely to produce a result.

Explaining his symptoms from earlier this year and linking them to the heart attack, the musician said: “I have one theory, which is I’m conscious that I had a pretty bad cough most of the way through that tour.

“And some of the time I felt pretty grim and I thought I was just feeling tired.”

He added in an interview with the Daily Express: “I think it’s possible that I had the Covid virus early on in the tour of Korea, Japan and Australia in January, and got through it, but it’s thickened the blood, which apparently it does, and that could have been the trigger that gave me the heart attack.

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“I thought it was too early to get it (Covid) but the evidence now seems to be that the virus was around.”

Brian went on to say the confirmed cause of his heart attack is “still a bit of a mystery” as he claimed he was keeping fit during his last tour with Queen.

“Strangely enough I was the fittest person on that last Queen tour we did,” he divulged.

“I did biking every morning and I’m not a person who has ever smoked. I don’t drink that much.

“I don’t eat fatty foods so I didn’t tick any of the boxes to get a heart attack, so it is still a bit of a mystery.”

Despite testing negative for coronavirus, Brian isn’t taking any risks and is currently shielding at home with his wife Anita.

“Coronavirus is scary. I am being ultra careful, me and Anita both, I’ve hardly been anywhere and I’m still treating myself as if I’m shielding,” he added.

“I don’t want to give it to my family.”

Speaking further about his heart attack, the musician said he had initially thought the pain in his chest was due to tearing a muscle during a gardening accident.

After undergoing an angiogram, the Queen legend realised his situation was more complicated than he had thought.

Brian was told he may need to have open heart surgery, but was later fitted with three stents, which allowed him to be home quicker.

After being discharged from the hospital, the star’s condition suddenly deteriorated dramatically and he nearly died.

“I was very, very poorly and it was the hardest thing,” he added.

“It was the worst thing, the complications that came on afterwards from the drugs that you have to take actually nearly killed me – much more than the heart attack.

“For about a month I could hardly crawl across the floor, I was really, really bad.”

Brian went on to credit his long-term wife Anita for saving his life and praised her for her continuous support.

On the road to recovery, Brian is now following a new daily exercise regime.

“I need another couple of months to get back up to full strength but I’m doing pretty well,” he revealed.

Brian added doctors will check on his heart in three months time to determine whether or not he will need a further procedure.

For now, the rock legend is determined to keep fit and stay busy.

He has produced, and plays on, a new cover of the single I’m a Woman with female group WOMAN.

The four singers starred in Queen’s West End musical, We Will Rock You, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in support of Target Ovarian Cancer and The Caron Keating Foundation.


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