Bride shamed for choosing bridesmaid jumpsuits which ‘look like purple vulvas’


ALL BRIDES want their wedding day to be super special – but one seems to have taken this ideal a little too far.

The outfits she chose for her bridesmaids have been slammed as looking “like purple vulvas”.

The jumpsuits worn by a pair of bridesmaids have been likened to “purple vulvas”

An image of them taken on the woman’s big day has been shared in a wedding shaming Facebook group.

It shows two bridesmaids posing either side of the bride while wearing lilac, strapless jumpsuits with central pleat detailing.

A poster called Fruisce wrote: “Shaming the bridesmaid’s [jumpsuits].

“They look like purple vulvas at first glance. Bride said she picked them out.”

The post has received more than 700 ‘likes’ and hundreds of comments.

One person wrote: “These are the most heinous bridesmaid outfits I’ve ever seen.”

Another commented: “Life size tulips.”

A third shared: “Purple vulva was exactly my thought too.”

They look like purple vulvas at first glance.

Others pointed out what appeared to be the bridesmaids’ “nipples” showing through the fabric.

One person wrote: “Pasties exist for a reason ladies.”

The original poster noted: “I couldn’t tell if they were nipples or darts/ seam.”

However, another member of the group said: “I like the jumpsuits and don’t mind the fact their headlights are on.”

And someone else pointed out: “They have pockets!!”

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