Bride-to-be’s bizarre engagement ring is slammed by cruel social media users who compare it to ‘jewelled tweezers’


A BRIDE-TO-BE has been slammed on Facebook for her rather unique engagement ring.

The quirky style features a double band design with three green jewels placed at an unusual angle – but some social media users have compared it to a pair of “jewelled tweezers”.

The ring was shared on a Facebook ring shaming page
Facebook / That's It, I'm Ring Shaming

Shared on the That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming group on Facebook, two photographs of the ring were posted, alongside a caption reading: “A ring only ‘slightly acceptable’ from one angle.”

The two snaps show the ring from a front and side-on angle, revealing three green jewels, encrusted with diamonds and placed between a double band – also embellished with blue stones.

Representing a “V” angle, some said the ring resembled a pair of tweezers.

Others were horrified, with one person commenting: “Which angle? It’s hideous all around.”

Other users were horrified at the design
Facebook / That's It, I'm Ring Shaming

Some users compared it to a “jewel encrusted speculum” while others accused it of “hurting their eyes”.

And several members of the group took issue with the colour of the stones, with one pointing out they were the same shade of green “as the sick emoji” while another was offended by the mix of blue and green.

Some fellow brides-to-be questioned how practical the ring was, claiming it “would get dirty and gunked up so fast”.

And referring to its odd angle and “V” shape, another asked: “Is this ring inside out?”

Others said it resembled a “jewel encrusted speculum”
Facebook / That's It, I'm Ring Shaming

Would you wear this style?

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