Bridezilla throws tantrum after maid of honour announces she’s getting married TWO weeks before her wedding


ALL BRIDES want their wedding day to be perfect – but one woman may have taken that too far by demanding the weeks either side to be all about her too.

She took to social media to complain she was having a “tantrum” at her “thoughtless” maid of honour for announcing the date of her own big day to be two weeks beforehand.

A bridezilla has thrown a tantrum after finding out her maid of honour has scheduled her wedding for two week’s before her own big day
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A woman called Jacky shared the bridezilla’s post on a Facebook wedding shaming group.

The bride-to-be wrote: “Advice needed. I’m having my first tantrum. Please tell me if I’m being silly or justified.

“So my bestie and maid of honour has just announced she is getting married two weeks before me and also wants me to be bridesmaid.

“I have waited so long for this moment and I’m sorry I don’t care about anyone else’s wedding apart from my own.

“I just feel it’s totally thoughtless. You have the whole year to pick a date.

The bride-to-be called her chief bridesmaid ‘thoughtless’ and said she had a ‘whole year’ to pick from
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“I now find myself not telling her about my dress and other bits just in case she decides to jump in on that as well. I feel so deflated.”

However, members of the Facebook group were not at all sympathetic.

One person wrote: “If it’s your best friend, you SHOULD care about her wedding.

“Maybe you can’t be a bridesmaid because you can’t devote enough time to it but quit being a whiny b***h.”

Members of a wedding shaming Facebook group called her a ‘brat’ and told her to ‘grow up’
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Another commented: “I’m a maid of honour in a wedding 6 weeks before mine and we’ve been planning our weddings together through messenger. Grow up.”

A third shared: “It’s two weeks apart you can plan and be excited together. What a brat.”

And a fourth added: “Well, don’t be mad that no one cares about any but their own wedding either. Jeeze.”

However, others revealed they could see where she was coming from.

One person wrote: “On the one hand, it can be so frustrating and difficult to have a friend who copies you. People like that are so annoying and I can understand the mindset of not wanting to share your nice happy things because they take it over and make it all about them.

However, others were more sympathetic
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“However. Picking a wedding date is not necessarily that simple, and the friend doesn’t have to defer her own wedding because this bride set her date first.

“She can decline to be a bridesmaid if she can’t bear it but she should be gracious about attending and supporting her friends wedding.

“Her wedding day will still be her own and its not a competition unless you make it one.”

Another added: “That is annoying. I’m not the type that would have a wedding at all but if you’re spending all this time and money and had your date picked out for months and suddenly your maid of honour decides to have her date right before yours it’s just.. annoying.”

But another suggested she look on the bright side, commenting: “One of my besties and I planned our weddings two weeks apart intentionally. She was in mine and I was in her’s.

“Yesterday was her 22nd anniversary and mine was two weeks ago. We love that we share this memory.”

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