Brilliant pics capture boozy lightweights after being floored by a few drinks


WE’VE all had one too many on occasion but these people seem to have had to call it a night rather early.

But it’s perhaps worth remembering the words of Dean Martin who is thought to have said: “You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.”

It’s always best to get comfy before crashing out
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Here’s to the party people that have to go home early – but remember to drink sensibly.

We’ll drink to that.

Taste the Floor

Best to keep some snacks handy just in case you get the munchies later
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Uplifting experience

Is this woman going up in the world?
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What a feet-ure

Someone had the bottle to do this to their pal
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Nap Time

Here’s as good as anywhere to rest your heads
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Crash and Burn

It takes some acrobatics to get in that position
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Bin There Done That

It’s best to be safe
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Head Held High

You know you’ve had too much when you need help keeping your head up
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Completely Floored

What could be more comfy than a kitchen floor
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A Head of Themselves

They might have a sore head when they wake up
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Bottoms Up!

Things could get messy
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