Brit, 61, boasts she has a baby’s face on her KNEE — and it trumps Meghan Markle


MOTHER of the bride Dawn Price posed for a swimsuit shot before her daughter’s big day – and was stunned to “give birth” to a baby in her knee.

The Sun told yesterday keep fit fanatic Alex Trewhitt, 37, spotted the image of a tot in his joint after a gym workout.

Dawn Price has something in common with Meghan Markle – she too has a baby in her knee

James Whatling

The Duchess of Sussex was thought to have Princess Charlotte’s face in her knee[/caption]

But part time secretary Dawn, 61, reckons her hilarious apparition on her left peg looks even better.

She was soaking up the sun in Cyprus on Sunday with a 30 strong family party who were at her 34-years-old daughter Anneka’s wedding yesterday when she tied the knot with sweetheart Stuart Paige, 40, when it appeared.

Dawn, from Stourbridge, West Mids said: “I was messing about posing like Bridget Bardot on a boat trip we were on and my nephew Alex Smart was clicking away on his phone.

“He sent a load of pictures back home to his dad Gary to show him we were all having a good time.

“We had noticed the face on my knee but Gary called all excited to say a bloke in The Sun had a baby in his knee as well.

“But having seen our holiday snaps he says mine was ten times better and I have to agree.

“We looked at the photo in more detail and it looks like a baby’s face has been transplanted on to my knee.”

Dawn, at the wedding with hubby Paul, 69, the brides’ dad added: “We’ve called the baby Nobby, short for Nobbly and the joke is I’ve come to Cyprus at my age and had another baby.

“We will have to set an extra place for Nobby at the wedding breakfast.”

Neph Alex, 25, added: “It must have been a trick of the light and they way my aunt was stretching and holding her knee that produced Nobby’s face.

“My dad saw the other bloke in the Sun but we all agreed ours is a better looking baby.”

Yesterday we told how gym fanatic Alex Trewhitt spotted a baby, which he called Neil, in his leg

James Whatling

Royal fans swore they could identify the Princess’ features in Meghan’s legs[/caption]

Dawn was stunned to ‘give birth’ to a baby in her knee
She was soaking up the sun in Cyprus for her daughter Anneka’s wedding when it appeared
Her hubby Paul christened the baby Nobby
It appears that Nobby is a rare sighting as Dawn seems to have normal knees


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