Brit jihadi ‘Beatle’ admits role in London terror plots and reveals ISIS planted ‘sleeper cells’ across Europe


BRITISH Jihadi “Beatle” Alexanda Kotey today admitted his involvement in London terror plots – and revealed how ISIS planted “sleeper cells” across Europe.

Kotey said he helped organise a plot to kill soldiers and police in drive-by shootings at Shepherd’s Bush police station and the Parachute Regiment Territorial Army Barracks at White City in London.

Alexanda Kotey has admitted his involvement in London terror plots

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Mohammed Emwazi (nicknamed Jihadi John) was killed in 2015[/caption]

The plot was foiled in 2016 and two British terrorists – Tarik Hassane and Suhaib Majeed – were jailed for life.

But fanatic Kotey – who has been detained by Kurdish forces in Syria for the past 16 months – was suspected to be involved.

In an interview with ITV News, the 35-year-old admitted helping to direct funds to the British terrorists.

He also revealed details of his part in a terror cell nicknamed the Beatles by hostages due to their British accents, along with El Shafee Elsheikh, Mohammed Emwazi (nicknamed Jihadi John) and Aine Davis.

He told the news channel:”When people would raise donations in Britain I would co-ordinate with them to send money to us. I used my phone to communicate.


“It’s normal that he (Mohammed Emwazi) would ask me to talk to this guy to see what he had. I was the one who talked to him and I was the one who arranged for him to have a gun with a silencer.”

Kotey explained how the Shepherd’s Bush killing spree was supposed to be part of a plan to create sleeper cells in Europe in case of attacks on Syrian cells.

He told ITV: “The idea was to plant people in countries so that if there was any aggression from these countries they would have people who would conduct a mission.”

The Londoner also revealed details about his role as hostage-keeper which involved “extracting” information from western prisoners including British Alan Henning and American James Foley while in Syria.

It’s normal that he (Mohammed Emwazi) would ask me to talk to this guy to see what he had. I was the one who talked to him and I was the one who arranged for him to have a gun with a silencer

Alexanda Kotey

He said he travelled with killer Emwazi (Jihadi John) from London to Syria, where they were introduced to western prisoners in the Idlib countryside.

The pair joined Islamic State in Idlib as regular fighters in 2012 but, following “an order from above”, Emwazi was relocated to the Aleppo countryside – a location with a greater concentration of western prisoners – and requested Kotey follow him.

Kotey added: “When that order came for Mohammed to move to the Aleppo countryside he requested that we accompany him.”


Kotey says he was then assigned the role of “extracting email addresses” from western prisoners.

He added: “They were more in number [the prisoners] they had gathered them in one place, different nationalities, varying nationalities, this point it was instructed to extract email addresses from them to open up communication.”

Despite admitting his association with Emwazi- who is known for carrying out several filmed beheadings-Kotey denies any involvement with those killings.

He said: “I don’t see in my case it makes a very big difference if I was actually there or not there.

“I have a lot of accusations against me, they are quite heavy accusations so it wouldn’t change much if I said I was there or I wasn’t.”

Kotey’s admissions come as brainwashed ISIS jihadis continue to execute horror attacks around the world – despite the destruction of their so-called caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

Earlier this month a 30-strong death squad stormed a Catholic church and slaughtered at least six people in Burkina Faso.

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Kotey said he travelled to Syria with Mohammed Emwazi, pictured[/caption]

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Beatles gang member Mohammed Emwazi[/caption]

AP:Associated Press

Tarik Hassane was jailed for life for plotting to kill soldiers and police in drive-by shootings at Shepherd’s Bush police station and the Parachute Regiment Territorial Army Barracks at White City in London[/caption]

AP:Associated Press

Suhaib Majeed was also jailed for life for his part in the foiled 2016 plot[/caption]

AFP or licensors

Tarik Hassane, right, and Suhaib Majeed are pictured during a police surveillance operation[/caption]

Who were the ISIS Beatles?

Mohammed Emwazi (Jihadi John):

Emwazi fronted a number of IS propaganda videos where Western hostages were shown executed.

Originally from Kuwait, he was educated in north London, and graduated from the University of Westminster in 2009 in computer programming.

In the UK he came under surveillance from intelligence services after travelling to Tanzania and Kuwait.

He was linked with a number of high-profile suspected jihadists that MI5 were tracking.

His family reported him missing in 2013.

In  2014 he appeared in number of videos where Western hostages including US journalist James Foley and UK aid workers David Haines and Alan Henning appeared to be beheaded.

The last known video appearance from him was January 2015.

He was killed in a US drone strike on November 12, 2015.

Alexanda Kotey:

He attended the same al-Manaar mosque in west London as Emwazi.

Kotey was identified as one of the gang by the US state department, which said he was likely to have been a recruiter of UK nationals to the group.

He was captured by members of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Aine Davis:

He was arrested near Istanbul in 2015, and convicted in Turkey in 2017 of being a senior member of a terrorist organisation.

In London he had lived in Hammersmith and had a number of drug conviction.

In 2006 he was jailed for possessing a firearm.

After converting to Islam, he changed his name to Hamza and met Emwazi.

The two were part of a group that radicalised Muslims living in London. He left the UK to join ISIS in 2013.

After being arrested he denied being part of the terror group, or “the Beatles” cell.

El Shafee Elsheikh:

The son of Sudanese refugees, Elsheikh went to Syria in 2012 and joined al-Qaeda there before aligning himself with ISIS.

He and Kotey were said to have been detained after Kurdish fighters suspected they were foreign fighters.



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