Brit medics ‘tortured ISIS captives by removing organs and carrying out sick Nazi-style chemical experiments’


TWO British jihadi health workers carried out sickening Nazi-style medical experiments on ISIS prisoners in Syria, witnesses claimed last night.

Former NHS doctor Issam Abuanza, 40, left his wife and two children in Sheffield in 2014 to become Islamic State’s “health minister”, according to British intelligence.

Issam Abuanza, 40, was appointed ISIS health minister after fleeing to Syria from Sheffield in 2014
Mohammed Anwar Miah, who claims he was in Syria carrying out humanitarian work, is accused of carrying out sickening Nazi-style chemical experiments

He appointed Birmingham-born pharmacist Mohammad Anwar Miah, also 40, to help him remove organs from helpless captives, it’s claimed.

Witnesses to their alleged brutality told the Daily Mail that these body parts were then transplanted into wounded jihadists – or sold on the black market to fund terror.

Leftover organs harvested from tortured prisoners would also be tossed into the cells of other hostages to torment them, it’s alleged.

The ten-man medical team led by Abuanza and Miah have also been accused of performing warped chemical tests on live inmates detained as ISIS rampaged across the region between 2014 and 2017.


The harrowing claims are reminiscent of the inhumane suffering endured by captives held in Nazi concentration camps during World War Two.

Syrian activist group Sound And Picture, whose members lived under the jihadis’ rule, made the series of staggering accusations – which lay bare ISIS’ baseless blood-lust.

Aghiad al-Kheder, the group’s co-founder, said: “Islamic State needed to show that it was a government not a radical group and so it appointed a minister for everything.

“Issam was minister for health which meant he was responsible for everything health related.”

They experimented with torture and with chemical materials but we are not sure for what purposes

Sound And PictureSyrian activist group

He added that Abuanza became known for his unflinching cruelty, adding: “Issam first chose Mohammed Anwar – he needed someone to help.”

Both Brit medics – who shared the nickname Abu Obayda – allegedly performed their sick procedures in hospitals in the former ISIS strongholds of Mayadin and Deir Ezzor between 2015 and 2017.

Mr Al-Kheder added: “Anwar was involved in the transfer of human organs from the prisoners to members of IS and the human organ trade that was conducted by IS.

“They experimented with torture and with chemical materials but we are not sure for what purposes.”

He also claimed the group locked prisoners in rooms with dismembered bodies.


Abuanza, deserted his family in 2014 after ranting about the NHS online – saying doctors were treated like beggars in Britain.

And in one chilling post, he wished a caged Jordanian pilot burnt alive by ISIS had taken longer to die.

He is now thought to be hiding in caves near the village of Baghouz.

Miah is being held by Kurdish opposition forces along with six other Brits including two suspected members of the notorious “Beatles” torture gang who beheaded western hostages.

He claimed in February that he was innocent and hoped to be returned to Britain.

Miah said: “I came here to do humanitarian work, I came here with that intention and that’s what I did.

“I did not take part in any of these atrocities or incited any hatred or made any videos. I have never killed or hurt anybody.”

Miah’s family declined to comment.

Abuanza’s former neighbour said his wife Sally had moved away with her new boyfriend and had a baby with him.

Abuanza led a ten-man ISIS medical team who harvested organs from captured civilians to give to wounded fighters, it is claimed


The Brit medics worked in hospitals in ISIS held Syrian strongholds, it’s claimed (stock image)[/caption]


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