Brit tourist, 24, branded a ‘n****r’ and ‘monkey’ by vile Miami Airbnb host who claims ‘racism is not illegal’


A British tourist was called a “n****r”’ and a “monkey” and accused of using stolen credit cards by the owner of a Miami hotel.

Monifah Brown, a 24-year-old event planner from London, received a series of messages from Giulia Ozyesilpinar, owner of the Ocean Five Condo Hotel, after reserving a room on

Monifah Brown had made a reservation for herself and three friends on
Facebook/Monifah Brown
She received a series of racist messages from Giulia Ozyesilpinar, owner of the Ocean Five Condo Hotel
Facebook/Giulia Ozyesilpinar

Ozyesilpinar initially told Brown that there had been a problem taking a deposit on the card with which she had made the reservation.

The exchange continued cordially, with Brown assuring Ozyesilpinar that she would update the booking first thing the following morning.

The next day, June 17, Ozyesilpinar requested that Brown send a copy of a picture ID and an e-mail address, which Brown later did.

They then discussed how Brown, who was planning to stay at the hotel with three friends, would be paying.

The conversation ended on good terms, with the two even signing off by sending one another kiss emojis.

But on June 21, having been unable to reach Brown, Ozyesilpinar texted her saying: “Are you there or are you acting like you are ignoring me”.

“You acting with lies gives a very very bad picture for all of the black people.

“Please try to act like a lady and be a very good representation of black.”

After explaining she had been working all day, setting up a venue from 6am, Brown responded: “After your recent racist messages that you text to my phone, I now no longer feel comfortable staying in your property.

“Thank you so much for showing your true colors.

“I suggest next time you learn to have some class like this ‘black woman’ racist b***h.”

Ozyesilpinar then responded with a vile rant, repeatedly calling Brown a “n****r” and a “monkey” and asking if she was a “prostitute”.

She also sent Brown audio recordings of her making monkey noises.

Brown posted the comments to social media in a series of posts that quickly went viral.

She also forwarded copies of the exchange to and Airbnb. responded on twitter, saying: “Thanks for making us aware of this situation.

“We do not tolerate discriminatory behaviour of any kind on and have closed this property on our site.”

Airbnb also confirmed they had removed the hotel’s listing from their service.

Ozyesilpinar later posted Brown’s driving license to Facebook and equated her to Jussie Smollett, the US actor who earlier this year was accused of staging a hate crime against himself in order to boost his career.

She claimed Brown had been “attempting to make a reservation with stolen credit cards when I cancelled the reservation, she started insulting me threatening me”.

She also said that Brown was “a scam artist who was able to divert and make me look as if I was racist, which IS far from the truth”.

Brown responded with a Facebook post of her own that included the conversation in full.

She added that Ozyesilpinar was trying to “worm herself of what she has done wrong” and invited Ozyesilpinar to post screenshots backing up her claims.

The Google page of Ozyesilpinar’s hotel was later inundated with bad reviews from people criticising her behaviour.

Brown posted screenshots of the exchange to social media
Facebook/Monifah Brown
The Google profile of the Ocean Five Condo Hotel was later inundated with negative reviews from people criticising the owner’s behaviour

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