Britain’s Got Talent viewers claim Dave and Finn act is ‘fixed’ despite reaching the final with the most votes


BRITAIN’S Got Talent viewers have claimed Dave and Finn’s act is ‘fixed’ – despite reaching the final with the most votes from the public.

The hero police dog and his handler wowed the judging panel with another mind trick during the first semi-final this evening, and went on to be put straight through to Sunday’s final in the results show.

Britain’s Got Talent viewers have claimed Dave and Finn’s act is ‘fixed’ – despite reaching the final with the most votes from the public

But despite being a big hit with the majority of viewers, some took to Twitter to claim the act was a ‘fix’.

PC Dave Wardell got the judges  – Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams – too look at the German Shepherd and pick a time, a word, a number and a name.

David chose 8am for the time Finn had had his breakfast that morning, while Alesha said the jumper Finn hated had the word Luck on the front.

Amanda said Finn had caught 52 criminals during his career and Simon chose the name Squidly when asked by Dave.

Dave and Finn carried out a mind trick act with the judging panel
Dave asked the judges to pick letters on a flip board
The letters S, R and L could be seen before it reached Simon Cowell

However the first reason some fans thought the act was fixed was when Dave asked Simon to shorten the name, with the music mogul opting for Squid instead.

Then Dave asked the panel to choose six letters at random on a board he had set up, with all the letters of the alphabet on pieces of paper that could be flipped over on each row.

After S, R, and L were chosen, Simon was allowed to choose the final three, but as Dave moved away, viewers were convinced he just flipped the pieces of paper over to the letters he wanted, which in the end spelled out the word Future.

One wrote on Twitter: “Makes me sick!! That’s before you begin to consider the eye watering display of incomprehensible magic skills!!….pick a letter, now I’ll ‘randomly’ change them….pick a name, oh, no, not that one, our software can only overlay words up to 5 digits!!”

Dave was then seen flipping over the pieces of paper
At the end the letters appeared to be different
The letters ended up spelling out Future, which was on the side of six trainee police puppies

Another raged: “The guy fixed the letters.. How can he possibly go through…”

A third tweeted: “That dog act does NOT deserve to go through. It was a fix through out!!”

A fourth agreed, writing: “David and Finn, more like David and Fix .”

Their anger was further enhanced when a VT showed what Dave said was his morning with Finn getting ready for the show.

The footage showed an alarm clock saying 8am in red digits, while the jumper had the word Luck across the front.

Then Finn was placed in a police van with the numbers 52 on the cage, before Dave gave a trainee police pup a medal which had the word Squid across it.

Other viewers also questioned the VT which claimed to show the judge’s selections
But some viewers said there answers were added by a computer graphic to match

Many believed they saw through the ‘trick’ with one writing on Twitter: “#bgt would have been far far far more impressive if the dog did a s*** and Dave pulled out the judges choices from its a***… and sorry Simon the CGI budget only let’s us have 5 letters in a name #sham.”

Another tweeted: “Call me a Cynic, but those answers are just edited into the video…..”

A fellow viewer wrote: ““Can you give me a shorter version of the dog name please, Simon? I think the font might be too big to composite the longer version into the video.”

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