‘Britain’s messiest car’ piled so high with rubbish driver crashed because they couldn’t find the handbrake


A car branded the “messiest ever” was so full of rubbish that the driver crashed because they couldn’t get to the handbrake in time.

The car hit another vehicle after the driver parked it but found themselves unable to stop it rolling backwards.

Mercury Press

The driver rolled back into another car after being unable to reach the handbrake[/caption]

Mercury Press

The scene was discovered by Hampshire Police when they arrived to investigate the incident[/caption]

Arriving to investigate the incident, Hampshire Police found the car filled with shopping bags, bin bags, newspapers, plant life, and electronics.

The force posted photos of the aftermath of the incident to twitter, writing: “Boris Johnson’s car is a dream compared to this one!

“Driver couldn’t get the hand brake on and rolled back into a parked vehicle. I wonder why?”

A car owned by Boris Johnson, currently front runner to replace Theresa May as prime minister, came under similar scrutiny last week.

Images emerged showing the interior of the Toyota Previa strewn with discarded coffee cups, a box of rubbish, and items of clothing as well as mud on the upholstery.

Other items found in the car included a fan, used cigarette butts, a bucket, and an upside down stool.

The post inspired strong reactions on social media.

One user wrote: “That is actually the most messy car I have ever seen in my life.”

Another joked: “It’s like a rubbish (excuse the pun) version of the generation game! It’s got just about everything in it.”

But other users reacted with concern, with one saying: “I’m concerned for this person as it looks as if they may be a hoarder and so need help rather than being shared on social media.

“I understand the safety aspect, but a diagram might have been nicer.”


Another asked whether Hampshire Police made a referral to services that might help the driver.

It is not yet known whether the driver will face prosecution.


Boris Johnson's car pictured looking in a state as piles of rubbish litter the seats and footwells
Boris Johnson’s car came under similar scrutiny last week
Dan Charity – The Sun

Monkey World hat and a copy of the book'Britannia Unchained' 
Dan Charity – The Sun

Images emerged showing the floors and seats of the car covered in rubbish[/caption]

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