Britain’s most tattooed man blasts ‘shallow’ women for rejecting him


BRITAIN’S most tattooed man has blasted “shallow” women for rejecting him.

King of Inkland

SINGLE: King of Inkland says he hasn’t had great luck finding love (Pic: DAILY STAR)

King of Inkland King Body Art The Extreme Ink-ite also said women only sleep with him if they are fascinated about his appearance.

Known as Body Art for short, the 39-year-old’s last relationship ended two years ago.

Body Art, from Birmingham, who was born Matthew Whelan, said: “I have a very active social life. But I haven’t had much luck finding love.

“A lot of women are put off by my tattoos or it makes them really curious. I’m a bit like Marmite so you either like them or you don’t.”

King of Inkland

SHALLOW: Body Art says women go for guys with ‘love Island-type bodies’ (Pic: DAILY STAR)

He added: “I’ve had about 15 to 20 relationships in my life and have definitely got more attention since I got my tattoos.

“But since my last relationship ended two years ago I haven’t had any- thing serious.

“I’m nearly 40 so I would like to settle down and have a family. But at the same time I understand that the way I look might create an issue for some people.

“A lot of women are really shallow and only go for guys with Love Island-type bodies. Then I get other women who are just interested in me because of my tattoos.”


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