Britain’s richest cat scoops £1million as owners buy scratch card while getting him dinner


Shortcake was not best pleased when his owners Andrew and Paula Hancock forgot to buy him pet food.

The couple headed out to the petrol station, and while there picked up a Monopoly Millionaire Scratchcard.

And their luck was in as they won the £1million prize, putting their winnings down to Shortcake.

However, Andrew forgot to buy six-year-old ginger tom Shortcake’s food again.

So the miffed pet ended up tucking in to some ham later that evening – but now enjoys the crown of a proper Fat Cat.

Shortcake the scratchcard cat

FAT CAT: Shortcake scooped himself £1million from a scratchcard (Pic: PA)

Shortcake the scratchcard cat

WINNERS: Shortcake’s owners Andrew and Paula Hancock won the cash while getting him dinner (Pic: PA)

“He’s just a normal cat”

Andrew Hancock

Andrew, 46, and Paula, 43, who live near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, now plan on enjoying some time off with a holiday to Australia and other trips abroad.

But so far, the only purchase the couple – who run a catering business – have made is a new phone for their 12-year-old son Xavier.

Asked if the affectionate pet “Shorty” had brought them much luck before, Andrew said: “Not particularly. He’s just a normal cat.”

The couple also added that the feline “does like a fight”, joking that he “keeps everybody up at night”.

Shortcake the scratchcard cat

LUCKY: Shortcake was described as a ‘normal cat’ by his owners Andrew and Paula (Pic: PA)

Shortcake the scratchcard cat

GOOD LUCK CHARM: Shortcake ended up eating ham on the night his owners won the £1million (Pic: PA)

Shortcake the scratchcard cat

CELEBRATIONS: Shortcake will get plenty of treats for his hand in winning the £1million (Pic: PA)

Shortcake the scratchcard cat

SCRATCHCARD: Andrew got lucky while going to buy Shortcake some dinner (Pic: PA)

However, Mr Hancock said he would now “absolutely” be getting an upgrade on his cat food after landing the couple a coveted spot in the millionaire’s club, following the scratchcard win on July 24.

Shortcake appeared to be taking everything in his stride as the focus of photographers at a press call announcing the couple’s lottery win at The Pumping House, at Ollerton, on Tuesday.

Explaining how the win came about, Andrew said they had just worked a 10 to 12 hour shift at work.

He said: “On the way home I said ‘I’m going to nip home, and on the way I’ll get some food for tea for tonight and I’ll get some cat food’.”

Shortcake the scratchcard cat

IN THE MEOW-NEY: Shortcake’s owners Andrew and Paula are planning to go on holiday to Australia (Pic: PA)

Shortcake the scratchcard cat

FELINE’ FINE: Shortcake has been promised an upgrade to his cat food by Andrew (Pic: PA)

Andrew went on: “I got back home and I’d forgotten the cat food.

“So I said (to Paula) ‘right I’ll take your car, fill up at the petrol station and get some cat food from the petrol station’.

“So I went into the petrol station, filled up, got a scratchcard and went back to the car and scratched it in the car – and still didn’t get the cat food.”

He added: “So I scratched the card and I’m looking at the card, in disbelief. So I thought, I’ll get straight home and go out for the cat food and get that later on.”


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