Britain’s tightest tippers revealed with Sheffield, Leeds and Plymouth topping list – but how much should you tip?


DINERS in Sheffield are the nation’s tightest tippers but those in Glasgow the most generous, a new study has found.

Only 72 per cent in the Yorkshire city say they were likely to leave something for the staff after a meal.

The next worst cities were Leeds, Plymouth, Newcastle and Norwich.

Many diners still don’t leave the recommended amount in a tip
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But the most generous tippers were to be found in Glasgow where 91 per cent of diners tip followed by Belfast, Edinburgh, London and Bristol.

When it comes to the actual amount, the study from travel experts Big Domain asked people how much they would pay on a £30 meal.

Those who said they would leave a tip suggested an average of only £1.94 for a £30 meal or about six per cent, compared with the recommended amount of between ten and 15 per cent.

Where are Britain's best and worst tippers?


1) Glasgow

2) Belfast

3) Edinburgh

4) London

5) Bristol


1) Sheffield

2) Leeds

3) Plymouth

4) Newcastle

5) Norwich

The lowest tippers when it came to the amount of money left were diners in Plymouth who leave an average of £1.81.

But even most generous tippers – Belfast diners – said they leave £2.71 or around nine per cent.

The study found younger diners were more inclined to leave a tip, perhaps because they identified more with waiting staff,

Those aged between 16 and 24 tipped an average of between 16 and 20 per cent on meals.

But the most stingy were those over the age of 55, with 20 per cent of diners in this age group admitting that they never left tips.

The reasons given people by the surveyed for not leaving a tip include rude waiting staff, cold or poor-quality food, mistakes on the order and delays.

Internationally, Germans and Americans were more likely than those from Russia, Brazil, France, Britain, Spain and Italy, a separate study found.

Glaswegians leave the most money while those from Plymouth the least


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