British academics call on University of Hong Kong not to dismiss jailed law professor


Ramping up the use of force against protesters, police fired volleys of tear gas at protesters across the territory on Sunday and staged baton charges in flashpoints in downtown Hong Kong and in working class districts.

Protesters threw two petrol bombs, which police said injured an officer, and used flash-mob strategy, withdrawing when pressed to reappear elsewhere, to combat police.

Police stormed a number of underground train stations, firing tear gas and arresting protesters.

Footage on social media showed riot police with truncheons chasing protesters into Tai Koo station, where officers apparently fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters.

Speaking of arrested protest leaders, Matthew Ma, a 17-year-old student, said: “The government is trying to ‘kill the chicken to scare the monkey’, but protesters that are standing on the frontline, they are not even scared of tear gas and rubber bullets.

“Leaders like Benny Tai and Edward Leung, they are actually the ones who encourage us to fight for democracy in Hong Kong.”


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