British mum, 26, raped kids and took indecent images before boasting in ‘exceptionally graphic’ detail about sex abuse online


A MUM has admitted to raping kids in a case described as one of the “most distressing” a court has ever seen.

Rebecca Holloway, 26, was caught after police came across “highly sexualised and exceptionally graphic” conversations she had online about the serious sexual abuse of children.

Rebecca Holloway was said to have sank to the ‘depths of depravity’
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Cops investigating Holloway, from Grimsby, Lincolnshire, found sexual images of children in her possession as well as a close-up picture of girls’ underwear and sex toys.

But, Grimsby Crown Court heard, the worst was yet to come.

Officers discovered a girl had been sexually abused and raped and another child  – a very young boy – had a sexual injury.

Holloway has admitted two child rape offences, conspiracy to sexually assault a child under 13, as well as making and distributing indecent images of children.

Paul O’Shea, prosecuting, said: “It’s a depressing, serious and grave case.”

Mr O’Shea said Holloway sank to “real depths of depravity to satisfy her own sexual urges”.

[She sank] to real depths of depravity to satisfy her own sexual urges

Prosecutor Paul O'Shea

Holloway has no previous convictions and was said to be of good character, so there was no reason for authorities to suspect her of anything until the shocking truth was uncovered.

Her social media profiles have now been removed.

Holloway should have been sentenced over a year ago.

But, unusually, because of the seriousness and complexities of the case, the court ran out of time and it was abandoned to be restarted another day.

Recorder Bernard Gateshill, who was hearing it at the time, said: “This is a most distressing case.

“I have never before come across a case of such depravity.”

Because it was so late in the day, Recorder Gateshill did not feel it would be right to rush the case and wanted time to consider sentence.

The case was adjourned to fix a date when all involved could attend for a half-day, part-heard sentencing hearing.

But, in November last year, the sentencing hearing was taken over by Judge Paul Watson QC to be started again from scratch.

That still hasn’t happened and the case remains unresolved.

In the meantime, Holloway is behind bars awaiting her sentence date to be fixed.

Holloway confessed to raping two kids as well as making and distributing indecent images
MEN Media
The case was described as one of the ‘most distressing’ the court had ever heard
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