British terrorist Alexanda Kotey admits role in 'Isil Beatles' and London terror plot


A British terrorist has admitted his role in the “Isil Beatles” for first time, as he confessed to helping plan a London terror plot.

London-raised Alexanda Kotey, 35, fled to Syria in 2012 and, along with Jihadi John, became part of the terror cell nicknamed the Beatles by hostages due to their British accents.

Kotey yesterday admitted his role in the terror group, which included extracting information from Western hostages such as Briton Alan Henning and American James Foley.

He forced hostages to share the email addresses of relatives so Isil could “open up communication” and inform them that their loved ones were being held.

Kotey, who has been detained by Kurdish forces for the past 16 months, also confessed to his part in a plot to kill soldiers and police in drive-by shootings at Shepherd’s Bush police station and the Parachute Regiment Territorial Army Barracks at White City in London.


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